Introduction: Who are the Alt. Enforcers?Edit

The alternate enforces also known as 'The color soldiers' were normal free realms players who had been brought in by SOE as a new guild in which the enforcers were needed but the actual enforcers did not have to be put out. The color soldiers consist of 6 soldiers each in the SOE community. Unlike referees and ambassadors, these soldiers work to enforce the rules like that of the group of enforcers in the guild called/named Disciplinary Acting Division'. Each color soldier consists of a different color. Red, green, blue, yellow, silver, and purple. The color soldiers were founded around 2008 and have been enforcing the rules of Free Realms  ever since.

Grid ListEdit

Guild Name

Ledgendary Soldier Clan

Enforcer Group Members

(Battalion Commander) Blue soldier: Titan Trigon

(XO commander) Black soldier: Lance Nightmare

(Vice-Leader) Red soldier: Lilly Goodsphere

(Officer) Green Soldier: King Goldhaven

(Officer) Yellow Soldier: -Unknown-

(Officer) Silver Soldier: Nala Shadowsaber

(Officer) Purple Soldier: -Unknown-

==Alt. Enforcer Leader==

The head of all Color Soldiers is Titan Trigon. He is the blue color soldier and the leader. Titan Trigon has been the leader of the color soldiers for 2 complete years earning his leadership from (Retired) Battalion Commander Lance Nightmare A.K.A the black color soldier. Ever since 2010 (The day Titan Trigon went from XO Commander to Battalion Commander), Titan has enforced the rules the most out of all soldiers for his words of "showing leadership to the fullest extent".

Name: Titan Trigon

(Current) Position: Battalion Commander

Color: Blue Gender: Male


The Battalion Commander: Titan Trigon