Demolition Derby Driver
Male Human Derby Driver
Bash and crash in fast-paced racing action as a Demolition Derby Driver! Put the pedal to the metal in destructive rumble races at every speedway in Free Realms™. Survive the metal mayhem with armor and repair power-ups. Pick up action boosts and extra damage points to smash the competition. Dominate the course and friends by winning derbies and get ranked on Members Only leaderboards.

Demolition Derby Driver is a driving job, specializing crashing cars together. A freestyle class job, it has many upgrades and extras.

Unlocking Demolition Derby Driver Edit

Demolition Derby Driver can be unlocked by speaking with any of the Derby trainers at the various speedways.

Trainers Edit

  • Burt 'Wrecking' Crewe - Frost Ridge Speedway[1]
  • Crash Davis - Thunder Falls Speedway[2]
  • Rip Ringa - Tangletrack Speedway[3]
  • Mad Jack - Wildwood Speedway[4]

Tracks Edit

Clothing Edit


Wildwood Speedway and Thunder Falls speedway are both the same demolition area.

Karts Edit


Members Only

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