Floren Forest

Floren Forest

Floren Forest int

Floren Forest, interior



Floren Budling

Floren Budling

Something evil has corrupted the once beautiful Floren Forest. Travel deep into the forest to find the source and defeat it!

Floren Forest is a difficulty 3 dungeon that is started by clicking on Floren Forest in the northwest Wilds. There is an icon on the Atlas for Floren Forest.

Required Edit

Level 5, Any Combat Job

Goals Edit

Defeat Ozymandias!
Bonus: Rescue the Floren Budlings! (4)

Rewards Edit

192 Stars or less
Members Only Bonus: 125 Coins

Archer Prize Wheel Edit

Archer's Composite Bow of Splintering
Archer's Power Shard of Vitality III
Archer's Ring of Regeneration III
Battle Item Mystery Pack
Cross Wind Archer Leggings
54 Coins

Brawler Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Brawler's Anvil Hammer of Roundhouse
Brawler's Power Shard of Vitality III
Brawler's Ring of Regeneration III
Rubber Match Brawler Pants
54 Coins

Medic Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Medic's Bonesaw of Immunization
Medic's Power Shard of Vitality III
Medic's Ring of Regeneration III
Trauma Care Medic Fatigues
54 Coins

Ninja Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Ninja's Power Shard of Vitality III
Ninja's Ring of Regeneration III
Ninja's Scythe of Flame Wave
Shinobi Ninja Hakama
54 Coins

Warrior Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Charge Attack Warrior Breeches
Warrior's Battle Hammer of Warcry
Warrior's Power Shard of Vitality III
Warrior's Ring of Regeneration III
54 Coins

Wizard Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Wizard's Bone Wand of Tsunami
Wizard's Power Shard of Vitality III
Wizard's Ring of Regeneration III
Practitioner Wizard Slacks/Practitioner Wizard Skirt
54 Coins

Bonus Rewards Edit

Completion of the bonus goal, "Rescue the Floren Budlings!", will grant all players in the instance an article of clothing from the sets listed below. The color and body part of the armor is random, but the armor will match the current job of the player receiving it.

Archer: Cross Wind, Drifting
Brawler: Catchweight, Rubber Match
Medic: Emergency, Trauma Care
Ninja: Nusumi, Shinobi
Warrior: Charge Attack, Combat Bonus
Wizard: Practitioner, Scholar
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