The Jackpot Plant was a small tree formerly available in the SC Marketplace for Sc300 that grew coins for 30 days. If you watered and harvest it every day for 30 days it
Fr jackpotplant
transformed into a Golden Jackpot Plant. The Jackpot Plant is no longer obtainable.[1]

Cannot Sell

Cannot Trade

Details about the Jackpot PlantEdit

  • Once you place the plant at your house, it can't be returned to inventory. You can reposition it, though.
  • The newly placed plant is the Small size. It can grow into Medium and then Large sizes.
  • To water the plant, just click on it and the water level is refilled.
    • The water level will drop to one-half after 4 hours.
    • If not re-watered, the water will empty out after 14 hours.
    • The plant will wither if it's not watered within 24 hours. It will also drop a size, if it's not already small.
    • After another 24 hours without water, it will drop another size, if it's not already small.
  • Your friends can visit your house and help you keep your plant watered. Doing this will give them 50 coins per watering.
    • Friends can water a plant every 15 minutes.
    • Players can water 25 plants that they don't own, in every 24 hours.
  • If your plant is kept properly watered for 24 hours, then you will be able to harvest coins from it.
    • When placed, the plant is in the Bare state.
    • This transforms into the Budding stage after 12 hours.
    • When your plant Blooms, every 24 hours (if kept watered), you can click on it to receive that day's crop of coins.
      • 500 coins from small plants.
      • 700 coins from medium plants.
      • 1,000 coins from large plants.
    • After 30 days, the plant enters the last stage -- Expired.
      • Once this happens, it can't be watered or harvested any more.
  • As the plant owner, once it has expired, click on it one last time.
    • It will be put back into your inventory as a Golden Jackpotted Plant.
    • This gold plant can be used as a decoration or can be sold to gain a final 2,500 coins.
  • Beginning sometime in June, 2010, plants will have a Friend Counter. For each friend that waters your plant (up to 25), you will receive a 1% coin bonus when you harvest.

                                                                   Friend Counter

Number of Friends                    Amount of Coins Earned by Plant Size           
Watering Your Plant                 Small                Medium              Large

1                                               5                        7                         10
5                                               25                      35                        50
10                                             50                      70                        100
15                                             75                      105                      150
20                                             100                    140                       200
25                                             125                    175                       250

  • In April, 2011, all players received a free Jackpot Plant as a welcome back gift.
    • In June, 2011, all players received a second free Jackpot Plant, most likely as a gift for playing the game for so long.
    • *After 2011, the Jackpot plant was not available to purchase.*



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