"The fishing center of of the world! Too bad I can't catch a thing..." -Lakeshore Citizen 

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Lakeshore Village

Lakeshore is a town northeast of Sanctuary, southwest of Shrouded Glade. It is surronded mostly by water, and is a good spot for fishermen to level up. The closest dungeon to it is Robgoblin Treasure Trove. It has many activities such as fishing in Rainbow Lake, Lakshore Fields Farming, Checkers & Chess, and Jump Pads.

Points of Interest Edit


Lakeshore boats and piers

  • Rainbow Lake Fishing
  • Lakshore Well

Job Trainers Edit

Ty  (Ninja Trainer)

Shops Edit

  • Brawler Clothing and Weapons (lvl 20 clothing, lvl 19 weapons)
  • Ninja Clothing and Weapons (lvl 20 clothing, lvl 19 weapons)
  • Chef Supplies

Local Dungeons Edit

  • Robgoblin Treasure Trove

Resources Edit

  • Punkin
  • Sunleaf
  • Rainlef
  • Gummyfruit

Collections Edit

See Also Edit

  • Lakeshore Fields
  • Thunder Falls Speedway

Towns and Villages

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