Female Pixie Medic
If you love to help friends in need and save people from harm, become a Medic, and use medicine to heal allies, as well as attack angry enemies. Trained by Doc Gordon, Medics can combine technology and natural ingredients to ward off poisons, heal team members and even use shock paddles to stun enemies. Membership is not required for Medic.[1]

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Skills Edit

Lvl Skill Effect
1 First Aid Heals yourself and any ally near you for 250 health. Further ranks increase healing.
5 Target Vitals Knowledge of physiology allows you to strike at the vital points of your enemy inflicting 133 damage. Further ranks increase the damage dealt.
10 Vitamins Makes the medic grow in size, increasing critical hit chance by 1% and increasing critical hit damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Further ranks increase the critical hit and damage %.
15 Shock Paddles Causes 50 damage to an enemy and two other enemies near that enemy. Further ranks increase the damage dealt.


Unlocking Medic Edit

Medic can be unlocked by visiting Nurse Naia at the hospital in Sanctuary.

Trainers Edit

  • Nurse Naia: Sanctuary (unlocks)
  • Doctor Gordon: Sanctuary (will block partway until lvl 5)
  • Terrence: The Roadhouse
  • Clover: Sanctuary (will block partway until lvl 10)
  • Mayor Crystalline: Snowhill
  • Docaloc: Briarwood (will block partway until lvl 15)
  • Doctor Callahan: Seaside (will block partway until lvl 20)

Quests Edit

  • Medic: So You Want to be a Medic? - Nurse Naia
  • Medic: Operation: Revival - Nurse Naia
  • Medic: House Call - Nurse Naia
  • Medic: Palatable Pills - Doctor Gordon
  • Medic: Take Your Vitamins - Doctor Gordon
  • Medic: Achieve Level 5 - Doctor Gordon
  • Medic: Surgical Precision - Doctor Gordon
  • Medic: Supply Recovery - Nurse Naia
  • Medic: Medic on a Mission - Terrence
  • Medic: Tummies in Turmoil - Nurse Naia
  • Medic: Clover's Crisis - Clover
  • Medic: Achieve Level 10 - Clover
  • Medic: A Strong Supplement - Clover
  • Medic: Flu Season - Doctor Gordon
  • Medic: A Blustery Blunder - Mayor Crystalline
  • Medic: Into the Bristlewood - Mayor Crystalline
  • Medic: Virtuous Venom - Docaloc
  • Medic: Dewpetal Tea - Docaloc
  • Medic: Achieve Level 15 - Docaloc
  • Medic: Shock Paddles and You - Docaloc
  • Medic: The Missing Patrol - Docaloc
  • Medic: Shocking Developments - Clover
  • Medic: Omitted Admission - Clover
  • Medic: Achieve Level 20 - Doctor Callahan

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Medic Collections
  • Magical Shock Rod Essences
  • Shock Rod Materials
  • Stories of a Medic

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Level 1

Level 5

Level 8

Level 10

Level 12

Level 13

Level 16

Level 19

Level 20

Clothing Edit

Level 1

  • Student Medic
  • First Aid
  • Amateur Medic

Level 3

  • Grief Relief

Level 5

  • Pro Medic
  • Field Support

Level 8

  • Hurt Mender

Level 10

  • Pro Medic Cap
  • Pro Medic Shirt

Level 11

  • Anguish Aid

Level 13

  • Heal Support

Level 15

  • All-Star Medic
  • Pain Relief

Level 17

  • Wound Mender

Level 19

  • Trauma Support

Level 20

  • Emergency Aid

Vendors Edit

  • Wumperwug in southeast Bristlewood - Lvl 15 weapons
  • Munchi Elwood in Seaside - Lvl 20 weapons and clothing
Members Only

References Edit


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