This page lists all of the Power 5 power attacks that are available to Medics, so they may be compared side-by-side. Weapons that increase in power with your character's level, such as the New School weapons, are shown at maximum power.

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Power Attack #1 Damage Extra Effect Range #2 Damage Extra Effect Range
Antibodies 2372 Sometimes charms Nearby 10674 . Enemy to enemy
Blood Cell 2372 . In front 5977 Immobilizes Nearby
Elemental Overload 2372 . In front 8320 . Nearby
Flail 2372 . In front 3522 Damages 4 times In front
Heart Breaker 2372 . In front 5977 . Nearby
Immunize 2372 Sometimes decreases opponents' attack In front 5977 Increases damage Nearby
Laser Surgery 1186 Damages 2 times; sometimes decreases opponents' defense In front 10674 . In front
Nurse! 2372 Sometimes decreases opponents' defense In front . Summons nurses .
Party Crasher 2372 Sometimes stuns In front 7685 Stuns in front Nearby
Reflex Test 2372 . Nearby 10674 Sometimes extra damage Nearby
Shock Paddles 2372 Sometimes stuns Nearby 8302 Sometimes stuns Nearby
Target Vitals 2372 . Nearby 5977 Decreases opponents' defense In front
Triage[1] 2609 . In front 8302 Heals 2372 Nearby
Vital Strike 1186 Damages 2 times In front 10674 . In front
Vitamins 2372 Sometimes slows In front . Increases speed & damage .
  1. Note: Old School Medic weapons have higher damage values. Their Incision does 3391 damage and their Triage does 10792 damage and heals 3083.

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