New School Torque Trasher held
New School Torque Trasher item

This New School weapon with level up with you, increasing your power in battle!

New School Torque Trasher is a level 1 Brawler weapon. It is acquired from the Station Cash Marketplace where it sells for Sc300.

Cannot Sell. Cannot Trade.

Required Edit

Level 1, Brawler

Effects Edit

Turbo Smash: Deliver a turbo-charged smash to opponents in front of you.

Deals 254 damage at Level 1.
Deals 444 damage at Level 4.
Deals 776 damage at Level 8.
Deals 1357 damage at Level 12.
Deals 2372 damage at Level 16.

Overdrive: Delivers maximum damage to all nearby opponents.

Deals 889 damage at Level 1.
Deals 1554 damage at Level 4.
Deals 2716 damage at Level 8.
Deals 4750 damage at Level 12.
Deals 8302 damage at Level 16.
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SCicon Sunset Sale
As of March 18 through 31, 2014, all Station Cash items were permanently priced at Sc1 in response to the sunset.

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