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Male Human Ninja
Ninjas are masters of the ancient art of combat and deception. Wielding swords, shurikens and other exotic weapons, they can vanish from plain sight to perform damaging sneak attacks. Master Ty once taught at the defunct Dragon clan Dojo but now lives in Lakeshore and trains only those who are worthy.

Ninja is a close combat job, specializing in sneak attacks and confusion. A combat class job, experience is gained by completing Ninja quests and by battling in combat instances in the wilds and in dungeons.

Restrictions - This job is locked for members only when you reach level 5. Edit

Members only
As of December 5th 2009, this job is free to sample through level 4. You will be able to change into this job, but you will not be able to use it in combat until you purchase a Free Realms 

 Unlocking NinjaEdit

To unlock the Ninja job you must first reach level 20 as an Archer . (This only applies to new players.)

Traits Edit


Level Trait Name Description
5 Ultimate Power You gain energy for each critical hit you inflict.
10 Shrouded Armor Your special armor reduces damage taken when struck.
15 Ninja's Grace The way of the ninja grants improved run speed, faster health regeneration, and attack.
20 Dragon's Boon

The blessing of the dragon grants a chance to counterattack with a lightning strike that will damage a opponent and then chain to another opponent up to 3 times.

Starting your Ninja career Edit

Ninja can be started by speaking to Master Ty  in southern Lakeshore.

Trainers Edit

Quests Edit


  • The Ninja Path


  • Stolen Away


  • Ninja: Super Star
  • Ninja: Silence is Golden... and Deadly


  • Ninja: Strike from the Shadows
  • Ninja: Handle With Care
  • Ninja: Achieve Level 5
  • Contract: Trouble in Snowhill - Ree Peatpants in Snowhill Icon repeat
  • Ninja: Nothing to Sneeze At
  • Ninja: That's the Spirit
  • Ninja: Troubled Waters


  • Ninja: Return to the Mentor


  • Ninja: Achieve Level 10
  • Contract: Sharp Claws and Sharper Swords - Ree Peatpants in Snowhill Icon repeat
  • Ninja: Shadows in the Snow
  • Ninja: Burst of Speed


  • Ninja: Idol Conversation
  • Ninja: Achieve Level 15
  • Contract: Fending off the Floren - Ree Peatpants in Snowhill Icon repeat
  • Ninja: Missive for Michi


  • Ninja: Real Ultimate Power
  • Ninja: The Masterless Ninja
  • Ninja: Ice Troll Rampage
  • Ninja: Achieve Level 20
  • Contract: Spirits and Spider Trainers - Ree Peatpants in Snowhill Icon repeat

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Ninja Collections
  • Ninja Magical Sword Essences
  • Ninja Stories
  • Ninja Sword Materials

Equipment Edit


Level 1

Level 4

Level 8

Level 12

Level 16

Level 20

Clothing Edit

This list includes all the clothing available In Game now. It does not include retired Ninja Clothing.

Level 1

  • Student Ninja
  • Kusa Ninja

Level 4

  • Nokizaru Ninja

Level 6

  • Sekkou Ninja

Level 8

  • Nusumi Ninja

Level 10

  • Shinobi Ninja

Level 12

  • Kanja Ninja

Level 14

  • Sensei Ninja

Level 16

  • Chunin Ninja

Level 18

  • Soke Ninja

Level 20

  • Jonin Ninja
Members Only

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