Ninja's Forged Sword of Purge held
Ninja's Forged Sword of Purge item

This sword bears the mark of Red Stonehammer, dwarven blacksmith of Sunstone Valley.

Ninja's Forged Sword of Purge is a level 16 Ninja weapon. It is obtained from the Blacksmith recipe Ninja's Forged Sword of Purge.

Required Edit

Level 16, Ninja

Effects Edit

Burning Slash: A fiery slash that damages opponents in front of you over time.

Deals 1304 damage.
Deal 711 damage every 3 second(s) for 6 seconds.

Ninja's Purge: The ninja unleashes the power of the forge to damage nearby opponents. This inflicts additional damage to targets burning from Burning Slash.

Deals 7471 damage.
Deals 7471 damage to targets with Burning Slash.
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