Queen Valerian








Queen of Sanctuary

   Queen Valerian is the Queen of Sanctuary, sister to Princess Lavender, and the ruler of all the pixies scattered across Sacred Grove. She is a direct descendant of Ayani, the legendary hero who sprouted The Heartseed, Queen Valerian's home. She began ruling over Sanctuary after her parents had been assassinated and her sister(Princess Lavender) exiled to Briarheart due to the fact that Princess Lavender was blamed by Geoffrey for poisoning her sister, though he was the real culprit. She lives a regal but sad life for her family has been separated and the only people who are close to her are her loyal servants along with Geoffrey, who is secretly plotting against her.(Although after the player completes the Royal Quest line, the player confronts Geoffrey and finds out that he poisoned her parents) Members in Sanctuary can enter a party that teleports you behind the Pixiewood sign, if you get inside you can eat a cupcake consumable and appear as Queen Valerian.  

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