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Exploration Edit

Exploration collections have no visual spawn location. Approaching any location in the list will show a message at the top of the screen.

Rare Exploration Edit

Rare Exploration spawns appear as floating "coins" that appear as the icon for the area of the collection (ie. a Sanctuary coin will appear as the Sanctuary logo).
Coins are often times difficult to locate, however the locations listed in the Journal can sometimes be used as hints to the location.

Job Materials Edit

Job Materials spawns appear in areas related to that job and will only appear when the player is actively using that job.

  • Chef Materials appear around Harvesting areas (ie farms) when using Chef job
  • Mining Materials appear within mines when using Miner job
  • Combat Job Materials appear ONLY within combat areas and dungeons when using a combat type job, like Ninja or Warrior
  • Kart Driver Materials appear around speedways when using the Kart Driver job
  • Soccer Star Materials appear around the Snowhill Soccer Field when using Soccer Star job (Football Star to UK)

Firefiles Edit

Fireflies spawns can be found in the central wilds, but ONLY at night.

Leaf Pile Edit

Leaf Pile spawns can be found in the central and northern areas of Sacred Grove, except Briarwood and Blackspore.

Mushroom Ring Edit

Mushroom Ring spawns can only be found in the regions of Briarwood.

Pile of Fossils Edit

Pile of Fossils spawns can only be found in the Blacksporeregion.

Robgoblin Junkpile Edit

Robgoblin Junkpile spawns can be found in almost any area that Robgoblins are found such as the Robgoblin Camp, and most of the wilds.

Shell Pile Edit

Shell Pile spawns can only be found in Seaside in the beach areas, and occasionally on the small rocks in the bay and on the Tidal Pool islands.

Sparkling Water Edit

Sparkling Water spawns can be found in several places in Sacred Grove, including Briarwood, Seaside and Sanctuary. They can be reached by merely swimming to them.

Wildflowers Edit

Wildflowers spawns can be found in almost all areas of Sacred Grove, except Briarwood and Blackspore.

List of CollectionsSpawn Types

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