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Stone Heart attempting to obtain a Love Potion

Stone Heart is an enemy NPC Boss that appears in Merry Vale during the time of Festival of Hearts Events.

During the time that Stone Heart is summoned, Love Potions appear on the pathways of Merry Vale. The Love Potions temporarily grant players an enchanted bow with the ability to attack Stone Heart and stop the Heart Breakers from stealing Valentine Love.

Stone Heart's main goal while summoned is to destroy the Love Potions. He will slowly walk along the pathways of Merry Vale giving players time to confront the boss. Once defeated, Stone Heart drops a special Treasure Chest that rewards the players that assisted in that specific battle a Festival of Hearts themed item.

Boss Cake Edit

Stone Heart is included in the Birthday Bash Station Cash Marketplace item named the Boss Cake. The Boss Cake grants players an illusion to appear as a Free Realms Boss.

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