Warrior’s Warlord Axe of Berserking held
Warrior’s Warlord Axe of Berserking item

Warrior’s Warlord Axe of Berserking is a level 16 Warrior weapon. It is acquired from the Coin Shop where it sells for Goldcointemplate2152 and it is also acquired from the prize wheel at Forest Troll Fort.

Required Edit

Level 16, Warrior

Effects Edit

Hack 'n' Slash: Wildly swings at anything within range. Damages all nearby opponents multiple times.

Deals 1186 damage.
Deals 1186 damage.

Berserk: Sends you into a berserker rage severely damaging all opponents in front of you and increasing your attack power.

Deals 10674 damage.
Increases overall damage.
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