Wizard's Wand of Glaciers held
Wizard's Wand of Glaciers item

Wizard's Wand of Glaciers is a level 4 Wizard weapon. It is acquired from the Coin Shop where it sells for Goldcointemplate850 and it is also acquired from the prize wheels at Danger Peaks, Ice Troll Scout!, Pixie Hunters!, Sweetwater Climb, and Thugawug Sneak!.

Required Edit

Level 4, Wizard

Effects Edit

Chill: Shoots a gust of arctic wind, damaging all opponents in front of you.

Deals 444 damage.
Sometimes freezes opponents.

Ice Nova: Summons the freezing power of a blizzard, damaging all opponents in front of you.

Deals 1230 damage.
Freezes opponents.
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